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What makes a great Case Worker

During the development of this site, the Young People involved in the consultations all wanted to get their voices heard when is comes to what makes a great Case Worker, here are some of their tips and suggestions:

  • “Put yourself in the Young Person’s situation; try to understand where Young People are coming from”
  • “Return our phone calls & make sure you keep your promises”
  • “Give as much attention & support to YP as you give to the carers”
  • “Link us in with outside agencies – get other people involved to help us”
  • “Be nice, don’t leave, take us out to lunch or dinner”
  • “I had a great case worker, she got to know us, asked us what we wanted and let us not talk, if we didn’t want to. She was friendly & made us feel as though we weren’t her work”
  • “Don’t force us to see our parents, psychiatrists or people we don’t want to see”
  • “Foster carers should be allowed to sign permission forms, without having to ask DCP”
  • “I never stay at any of my friends’ places overnight, cos’ I don’t want the hassle of them having to get police clearances, it’s embarrassing & half of my friends don’t even know that I am in care.”
  • “I think people should do talks at schools to explain what being in care is all about”