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Lance's Story

Week One

Last Friday I met up with my worker from the My Place Program to initiate my ‘leaving home plan’ and find out what to do next.

I was clueless on where to begin or what to do to get the wheels rolling to move forward. Within an hour I found out what was required of me, what my worker would do to help and what the plan was to get me into my own place. I had planned to move out with Tash, so all expenses would be halved.

My worker gave me handbooks to read on renter’s laws and stuff to know before and while dealing with realtors. We worked out the initial costs of moving out which was $1750.00, this included 4 weeks rent @ $250.00 a week, 2 week’s rent @ $250.00 and a letting fee of 1 week’s rent @ $250.00.

I then filled out a bond application to be used to apply for bond assistance, next week. My current income allowed me to borrow up to $1080.00 that needs to be paid back at a minimum $15.00 interest free per week.

My first task my worker gave me for the week was to get all the documents I needed to apply for the bond. This included identification-birth certificate, driver’s licence and Medicare card. I also needed 3 months of payslips to show income and my bank slip from an ATM.

Week Two

Next Tuesday came and my worker picked me up at 2.30pm to take me to the Department of Housing and Works in Kwinana to put in my bond application. I forgot to get my employer to fill in a form to prove my average earnings but as it happened we were lucky and my wage slips were enough.

My Bond assistance was approved and I was given a receipt to have signed by a realtor when I find a rental property.

My worker and I met up with Tash to discuss budgets and find out whether Tash could afford to move out. Completed half the sheet. Next meet up will be next week where we will most probably look at rentals.

Week Three

Today we looked at the first rental.
Before doing this, earlier in the week we collected information from rental properties advertised in the local newspaper.

First I had to look at the price range I was willing to pay and the area I wanted to move in to. Basically, I was looking for any rentals in the Rockingham/Warnbro region that had about 3 rooms and priced no more than $240.00 per week.

Using the internet site www.realestate.com which was updated daily and the newspaper, I shortlisted some properties I wanted to look at.

First one was a unit near the hospital, near my old house in Warnbro and the other one was in Waikiki.

With my worker’s help and her work phone I rang the real estate’s to find out when the viewings of these properties were going to happen. The real estate was easy to talk to as all I needed to give them was the property address and they had viewing times already arranged.

The first viewing was for tomorrow, so I arranged to meet with my worker there to have a look.

So far, everything’s going pretty smoothly. Yesterday we viewed a property in Waikiki. There were about 6 or 7 people also viewing the house, some older couples, others were young. The house was quite good although I didn’t really know what I was looking out for, that’s why my worker was a great help.

At the viewing I was able to collect an application for renting the property from the real-estate agent. If I wanted to apply for it I simply handed in the forms with a one week option fee.

Week Four

Over the past fortnight I have looked at about 5 rentals and applied for 3. I heard back from 1 from Raine and Horne and they said my application was fine they just found someone else to live in it. Oh Well….keep trying……Ha Ha.

A couple of the rentals looked like ‘rentals’ and it was hard to decide whether I was desperate enough to move right now. At the moment I’m still using the net to find more rentals.

When I applied for 1 rental in Cooloongup I was helped by a grumpy rude man (from the real estate agent) who made it not so fun applying. He told me what I wrote was wrong and wasn’t very friendly.


I’ve been accepted to rent a 3 bedroom unit in Cooloongup. I remember the unit was quite nice.
The real estate agent rang to let me know my application had been accepted and I was able to move in a fortnight. All’s I have to do in the next week is go in and sign the contract. In the mean time I will need to renew my bond application (they only last for 28 days).

Week Five

Two days ago, I moved into my new house. It’s so cool!!!
I hired a trailer from Anytime Hire and borrowed my brother’s Ute to transport all my stuff.

Last Wednesday I went into the Real estate to sign the application. They also wanted to give me the keys but my worker and I decided it was best to start my rent day on the Friday, the same day I get paid. So, on Friday, I collected the keys and started moving.

My worker and Tash helped unload my gear at the new place while Wes helped me load it up the other end. Unlucky for me, the rains started half way through moving but that wasn’t going to stop me…Ha Ha.

Once all my stuff was completely moved it was about 6.30pm and I was stuffed. I didn’t have a table yet to eat at so I just grabbed some takeaway.

While my worker was at the rental she showed me how to connect the electricity and gas bill. The gas company needed my credit card details for direct debit as I was a new customer.

The first night I had no hot water because I couldn’t work out how to turn the gas on. I went to Mum’s house the next day to find out how it’s done. I still couldn’t work it out so I rang the gas place and after a few questions I’d realised I hadn’t even turned the ‘ON’ switch on at the meter box…derrr!