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10 Top Tips for Living Independently

1. Make your room a home with your own personal bar fridge and pantry – put a stop to the food feud with you and your house mates!

2. If possible think before sharing with friends as they may make fine friends but horrible housemates, trust me I’ve lost a few due to getting to know them and their ‘habits’ too well.

3. Leave home with peace of mind. If possible get a lock put on your bedroom door… do you know of any one who leaves their home unlocked?

4. Make a list of all the things you can think of that you may need to live independently from the sheets on your bed to the coat hangers in your wardrobe.

5. Always take photographs of your new place. This photo evidence comes in handy if or when the real-estate agent tries to blame damage (you didn’t cause) to the property on you, and believe me sometimes this happens. It’s always good to make it a goal to leave the property better than when you moved in. You get a really good reference that way.

6. INSPECTION TIME… always make sure your home is spotless for every inspection especially the first one! After the first inspection you will be able to tell what the real-estate agent will expect from you and if you get a letter stating that certain things were not up to scratch fix those things ASAP you don’t want to get on the bad side of your real-estate agent – trust me it can get really difficult if you do.

7. Don’t you just hate all that junk mail filling up your mail box? Well that annoying waste of paper can be quite useful for sale searching. I find looking through all the local supermarket catalogues and circling all the items on SALE that I need helps save me heaps. When doing your grocery shopping make a list of all the different meals you want to have and what you will need to make them. I call it My Menu because it’s just for me! That way you will know exactly what you need to buy and not end up with two of something or wasting anything. Don’t forget your blue cold bags!

8. SALE is one of my favorite four letter words. When I see something in the supermarket on sale, like washing powder, I buy more than one packet if I can afford it to increase the savings. I try to keep things like washing powder, toilet rolls, toothpaste, shampoo etc stocked up so that when I run out I have another one to replace it. Don’t forget your green bags!

9. Now all that saving will help with this next tip… make yourself up a budget but always make sure you include spending money. Put whatever you don’t spend into a separate savings account and watch your money tree grow!

10. Now that you’re all grown up don’t forget the little people… many of us who leave home forget to keep in touch with those very special people who have helped us through life! I know I’m guilty of not speaking to my foster family for months at a time. Always keep in mind the Triple – CCC’s… Create Clear Communication, in all situations and then you can’t go wrong!